Jail jail didnt take my husband to kidney treatments::

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what do i do about the rockdale police department and cameron jail.. when my husband was arrested for a ticket on a thursday and on friday the next morning he had kidney treatment he needed and they did not take him to it and yes they are well arwear of his health condition and plus i called up there and told them he had to be there at 6 am to 10 am and i had the kidney center call up there and tell them to and they still did not take him... i told the jail i couldnt pay the fine till later that evening and they still said not their problem.. and the kidney center is only 3 miles from rockdale police department insted they put him in a car and took him to cameron jail. and cameron didnt take him either and they put him on a top bunk and he feel off and was knocked unconcious and they didnt take him to a docotr or nothing even after he told them his neck and back hurts and they all know of his health cause he has been having this going on 5 years now. the kidney center told my to contact a lawyer and i dont know where to start or what to do please help me
Start with a lawyer.
Just because your husband has an appointment does not mean the police had to take him there. Some facilities have medical staff on site that can assess any problems he has.
Did your husband suffer any particular injury as a result of missing the appointment? Does he have any injury after falling out of the bed?
Was he seen by anyone at the jail?
Did he request medical treatment while at the jail?
Did this occur last week? Is he still in jail?
Contact a lawyer, ASAP, a criminal defense lawyer.
Ask the lawyer to investigate. If what you say is true, and can be substantiated and proven, you (he) might have a pretty good case!!!!

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