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It snows inside my apartment

Discussion in 'Living in, Use of the Premises' started by Guest, Sep 16, 2014.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Law Topic Starter Guest

    Another winter will be arriving and still no repair after four years. Every excuse has been given along with a few "remedies" garbage bags, various plastics and wraps, etc.. There are gaps in the windows at least 1/2 inch and one window is completely falling apart. One clumsy fall against, and I am sure I would fall right out and go splat on the concrete four floors below. There aren't any screens because it is a historical building (the windows cannot be replaced-false...I lived in one prior to moving in this one) I've complained so many times, case managers are amused instead of concerned. I am to the point of withholding rent and requesting an amount in excess of utility allowance I've paid over the last four years. My lease has abatement language but I do not know how to go about requesting or demanding. I like where I stay. It is close to my job and the reason why I accepted the unit. I have limited resources, so moving would also be a trial. Did I mention it is public housing so I am confident I have a case but have been told different things. A representative at HUD said that it wasn't a serious issue on the scale of "like having no windows" but the apartment failed inspection for the windows--4 years ago so it seems to be serious. I just want them to fix the windows. Claim?
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    Public housing, two code words for a government ghetto.
    Your issue is bifurcated, suing the government, and minimal funds to pursue such an action.
    The queen isn't eager to discipline, admonish, sanction, or chastise herself.
    Perhaps you could seek the attention and interest of the media or the press?
    You might also send a letter expressing your concerns to the board or commission that oversees the government ghetto seeking to get yourself on the conmission's (board's) agenda at their next public meeting.
    Finally, contact your county and state elected officials by sending them a letter comprised of your concerns along with pictures to support your claims.

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