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Is this harassment and/or Slander

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by gracie05, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. gracie05

    gracie05 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I know this is harassment, but is it slander since I can prove she LIED?

    My half-sister, a vicious, mentally unstable monster who has been harassing and stalking me since mid-January 1998, published the following on c|net NEWS.COM: This is one of three items she published -- all using MY REAL NAME.

    I was in Connecticut when this house was trashed - by MY REAL NAME. I have proof of wire gram and money order that money removed from MY REAL NAME's account was received by her attorney in Connecticut to pay for her defense on charges of Larceny 1 & 2 (embezzle $30,000.00 from former employer)and pled guilty and was released from York Correctional Facility in CT in 2000/2001. MY REAL NAME has pled guilty to Bank fraud in Dallas, Texas 1987. MY REAL NAME has pled guilty to Forging Court Seal on Subpoenas (1999 or 2000)which MY REAL NAME served on banks to get my bank records and got them - made copies of.
    MY REAL NAME came to California in 1997 to evade prosecution in Connecticut. MY REAL NAME "ran" to Nebraska in 2002 to evade prosecution in California. MY REAL NAME has never given any court proof of cause of heart attack or open heart surgery.
    MY REAL NAME was not "found" in Nebraska for 1 year after her move - by Nebraska Sheriff Department.
    Someone using MY REAL NAME's phone and ISP put my photo, personal identity info on a porn site, impersonated me, sent men to my home. I obtained subpoenaed documents from the porn site to prove this. MY REAL NAME has no subpoenaed proof - cannot get it because it would show the site was accessed by a Nebraska phone & ISP registered to MY REAL NAME or someone she knows.
    MY REAL NAME is on a vendictive vendetta against me and fits all the criteria of a "Stalker".
    MY REAL NAME also e-mailed a threat to President Bush naming me in the threat. FBI thought MY REAL NAME was in California until we informed them she was in Nebraska.
    MY REAL NAME has been told by Law Enforcement in Banning CA, California and Nebraska to provide proof of accusations and they will investigate the allegations. MY REAL NAME cannot provide proof of accusations. Banning CA District Attorney received proof and stated that anything done by Rita was to the benefit of MY REAL NAME and MY REAL NAME was the only one who benefited. Banning District Attorney refused to prosecute.
    MY REAL NAME files fraudulent insurance claims to supplement her income.
    MY REAL NAME obtained a "Sellers permit" from Texas in the 1980's and used that number to evade paying sales tax in Connecticut & California until it was discovered in CA in Feb. 1998(while MY REAL NAME was in prison in Niantic Connecticut.
    MY REAL NAME is known to the Hartford,CT FBI as "Little Red".
    MY REAL NAME uses her unsuspecting family and friends in her "cons" and harasses them if they discover the truth or want out. This was documented by the Texas Dept of Probation (I have a copy)."[/I]

    ALL of this crap is a complete lie. This monster got a restraining order against me in 2002 by LYING ABOUT ME -- says I am stalking and harassing her even though I live more than 1,600 miles from her and moved to another state to escape her endless harassment. I've been in Nebraska more than four years and she is STILL harassing me, just as she did the whole five years I lived in California.

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