Sex Offender Registry Is this even legal?


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A male family member caught a misdemeanor charge of 2nd Degree Sexual Misconduct, as a juvenile, I believe back in 2007.

He has complied with all state and federal statutes in registering as a sexual offender, and only has to register for one more year under current law. He was assessed at the lowest possible risk category, and as a juvenile his record isn't public (basically, the police question him any time there's an unsolved sexual crime in the area).

The last time he went to renew his registration, a sheriff's deputy informed him that he is not permitted internet access. They also told him that they planned to inform his employer of his offense.

Now I've been digging as deep as possible into Arkansas Code, and have found nothing mentioned about any of the actions the sheriff's office intend to take.

Does anyone know of anything in the current federal statutes that prohibit offenders from accessing the internet, or any statutes which require employer notification?
I don't know if any statutes expressly prohibit Internet access in the case of ALL CONVICTED sexual offenders, but when the Internet is part of the crime (as it is in many of these cases), the parole or probation terms DO prohibit the offender from having such contact. You might suggest to the convicted felon to ask his lawyer, or his Probation Agent.

If he's still on probation/parole, the terms of his community incarceration DO require him to disclose his status to all prospective and current employers.

If he as any doubts about the terms of his parole/probation he should contact his parole/probation agent, and his lawyer.

Yes, he needs a lawyer. Such admonitions usually portend an upcoming legal battle.
The young man in question isn't under probation/parole, nor was his offense internet related. I do believe the sheriff's office is waiting for the guy to 'trip up', all because of an offense that occurred when he wasn't even in his teens.

Your advice is greatly appreciated; I have passed this information down to the young man and his mother.