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is it possible to marry without parents knowing Overstay, Illegal Status

Discussion in 'Immigration Issues' started by vtieku, May 25, 2011.

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  1. vtieku

    vtieku Law Topic Starter New Member

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    i am 20 and a U.S citizen, i would like to marry my boyfriend so he can get his green card now, but i do not want my parents to find out untill i finish college. Is it possible to marry him without my parents knowing?
  2. Proserpina

    Proserpina Moderator

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    Before I respond further, I have a question.

    You're 20 years old - are you sure you meet the sponsorship requirements?
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You are an adult.

    The age of majority is 18, and has been for almost 40 years.

    That said, you're free to marry any adult male of your choosing (and in some states, any adult female).

    Your parents can be kept in the dark, at your peril, nevertheless, you don't need their permission to marry your "Mr. Right".

    For the GREEN CARD, that ain't gonna be so easy!

    It requires an adjustment in status.

    It is said to be easier if you marry in the US.

    But, this is the US government we're talking about, the ones that gave you the post office, the IRS, and the infamous TSA!

    In other words, don't be surprised, if you are surprised!

    But, before you proceed towards what you think is a GREEN CARD LOTTERY, I suggest you consult with an immigration attorney.

    Yeah, it costs.

    It might cost both of you much more if you don't do your due diligence.

    You will also need to show how you are going to support your "Mr. Right".

    Hint: That is the HARD part, except for the divorce which sometimes follows.

    Good luck!

    Here are a couple of websites that provide some information about obtaining GREEN CARDS via marriage:




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