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    My locker got broken into at the gym i know im putting my belonging in the locker at my own risk lock or no lock but the person at the gym went thru the cameras and it seems like the person responsible for the break in got a one day pass with what seems to be a stolen ID..... My question is shouldnt the gym be held liable for letting someone in to the members area who they didnt make sure was who he said he was and there fore not only put my stuff in danger but everyone elses at the gym.... Thanks
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    You make a valid point.
    The gym will likely disagree with you.
    You'll probably have to sue the gym in small claims court.

    In the future, ALWAYS secure the locker with a lock.
    Trusting others, even if you know them well, is begging to get ripped off!!!
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    Please explain how the gym would have known that the ID was stolen.