Is driving with medical marijuana prescription OK?


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Hi, I am from Colorado. I have a legal prescription to use medical marijuana. I want to drive in Colorado and California and want to know if it is legal to drive even though I use medical marijuana. I am not talking about using while driving. I am worried that the police might arrest me for some reason if they see my bag with medical marijuana or smell the smoke on me.
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Check out the CO government web page on driving and traveling with marijuana:

Driving and traveling | Colorado Marijuana

Appears that you could be in real trouble if you did get pulled over for something.

Advice: Shower thoroughly and launder your clothes before leaving, keep your marijuana sealed and locked in the trunk, don't use any while driving, and pay meticulous attention to traffic laws, signs and speed limits.

Also appears that it's illegal to leave the state with your marijuana so I suggest you study up on California laws. Your medical marijuana card might or might not be good in California so a mistake about that could end you up in jail.

Keep in mind that marijuana use is still a federal crime and taking it to another state could get you a federal beef.