Sentencing, Plea Bargains I'm on a three year probation + 205 hours of community service

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I got caught for taking stuff at (dept. store) ($550). I got charged with petty theft and i got a ticket to appear in court. I just went to the court this morning and i requested a public defender. She told me theres no way i could plead not guilty and win. I pleaded guilty at last and she talked to the judge and they charged me for "trespassing" instead. Instead of paying $3000 fine, now i only have to pay $270 and 208hrs of community service and three yrs of probation. Im already assigned to a place near my house where i can complete my community service hours. My problem is, im transferring after this summer. I will move into the school dorm, which is 2hrs away from where i live right now. By then, will i be able to change the location where i can continue to work on my hours? Or do i have to finish those 200hrs before summer when i transfer?!! Also, my parents have no idea im going thru all these, will they find out about this?(while they filling out tax return or other legal doc)
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You should do everything possible to complete the hours before it is time to move. You must likely need to complete the hours in the same county and won't be able to move 2 hours away. Otherwise delay your move.
Hello eeilatan:

You might want to tell your parents about this.
They won't find out when they're doing taxes, but they will find out when you start getting rejections for jobs upon graduation.
Any criminal conviction, especially one involving moral turpitude or one involving theft will hurt your employment prospects, and even licensure for some professions.

As MM suggested, try to complete the 200 hours where you are, but if you can't, discuss your plans with your current PO who can assist you in completing them at your new location, plus tell you how to request approval for moving to attend college.

Community service aside, you still have three years of probation, so before you make al these plans, its best to see if your PO will approve your move. Generally the answer is yes, but its best not to assume anything or leave it to chance.
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