Other Debt I'm a Contractor who did not get paid for their last weeks work.

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I was employed by a company to work on their premises to offer my proffesional services. They asked me to work as a contractor for the fist 6-12 months probationary purposes b4 they would then offer me a "Staff Position"

The recruitment agency agreed a day rate for myself as opposed to an hourly rate for myself, and they inturn then paid me via my Accountant who set up an umbrella type company for me as opposed to me going Ltd. I asked my boss week and a half before the day in question could I leave an hour early on a Friday at 4pm from which he agreed and stated that the company was a give and take in such matters.

The week in question I ended up doing some overtime Mon - Thurs including leaving 3 hours early on the Wed to go down south and ended up being in a B&B coming back the following day (late) so when the Friday came I had certainly got my weeks quota in even though I was leaving only an hour early my line manager was not in but left early where the MD dressed me down for going early for which I explained myself.

The following Monday I was called into the meeting Rm where my line manager did the same, I then said we agreed this and he basically denied all knowledge of our conversation, I was fuming that I was being called a liar etc over a petty hour especially after all I had done that week in a B&B etc. I said I've had enough of this conversation and walked out of the meeting room and back to my desk. The line manager then said we can not have this attitude off you etc .... I then said ok and promptly gave him my notice.

I said do you want me to leave now or Fri, but what ever you choose we have a contract stating 1 weeks notice so if you say now u have to pay me till Fri... he said now. I got my timesheet signed (approving) my weeks pay til the Friday. He then refused to pay me for last weeks timesheet for which he signed off etc.

Question ... Can I seek the payment of this weeks money and or bank charges for which I have incured due to not being paid when I should have been??
This is a US based law forum.
You need to speak with a UK licensed solicitor.

Maybe this link from a UK based solicitor will help. In fact, you can call them.


What I'm seeing is that wages are somewhat protected for employees by the government.

In the matter of contractors, they're usually on their own.

Maybe your remedy is in the equivalent of what we call small claims courts? :dunno:
Good luck.
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