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ID theft, cc fraud forgery Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Lisalsmith, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Lisalsmith

    Lisalsmith Law Topic Starter Guest

    South Carolina
    Hi! I'm in a horrible spot! I will make this simple and very straight forward!
    I live with my fiance and his mother for over 5 years...
    He was due to graduate college in 2014 as a engineer. His mother said we could take either loans or credit cards with her name for $20,000.00. and she provided me with her information to do such.
    Moving forward, 8 months down the road, I had problems making the credit card payments and had to go to her for help. And the next thing I know, she freaks out about her husband finding out and then goes and files a police report.. A few month later I'm arrested for
    1. Identity Theft 2. Credit Card Fraud 3. Forgery...
    In her statement, she did nothing but lie.. She basically LIED and said she never knew anything at all and never granted permission that i just showed up out of the blue asking for help with these payments and then I ran off...

    Keep in mind, I was making the payments for about 7 months and all 3 of us were on the accounts. 4 months after she filed the police report, I was the only one arrested and not her son also whom was on all of the cards. BECAUSE, she never turned in her son's cards who were attached to each account and never mentioned him at all on the police report... And trust me, I do not want him to get into any trouble over this BS to begin with... BUT SHE LIED!!!

    And now, I am faced with 3 felonies ... I feel like I'm being forced to take a plea deal of probation and restitution........ I never disagreed that I owe the money... I just disagree it is a criminal matter.
    I'm so traumatized, I really do not know what to do...I had spent 6 month's in jail over this before her son could bail me out! And he is scared to death of her... WE BOTH ARE... It's like she had gone nut's or something.....

    We are scared of her and really don't know what to do...
    Should I take a plea?
    And GOD also knows!
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    God and your soul mean nothing to the criminal law process.
    I suggest you stop discussing this with anyone, but your lawyer.
    You are innocent until proven guilty.
    You and your friend can testify under oath your version of these unusual events.
    As you said, ALL of you we're on the accounts.
    It's very unlikely that anyone can PROVE which one of you actually opened the accounts, or which one of you applied for the credit.
    No one can prove who paid on the account.
    At most, any payments will only be tied to a funding source.

    You are a PRIME example of people doing stupid sheet, and making it easy for the police to arrest you, and the prosecutor to pursue you.

    STOP YAMMERING, the law doesn't even require you to explain.

    Explain is another word for confessing, insofar as the criminal law is concerned.

    If you did nothing, if you did everything, simply demand the state PROVE it by going to trial.

    Stop blabbing, stand up for yourself, have your lawyer summons your friend, his mammy, to testify in court under oath.

    You then tell your truth, the jury will decide.

    No one can tell you to take a plea, especially if you believe you're not guilty.

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