Arrest, Search, Seizure, Warrant I want to sue the cop who stole my baby and arrested me

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If you followed the case plan your rights should not be terminated. Sorry but I do not believe this.
I did follow the case plan every bit of it and then they say its too late she is attached to these people now despite every bit of evidence in the logs that show I'm a good mother......they don't care. I went to a thu and graduated all my classes do you want me to scan the certifigates? Seriously
if you have advice then please give me some I don't care if you believe it or not my child's life is being ruined and I need help not more people judging me I had enough of that with 8 people against me in court the merc this is far from an isolated incident many unmarried mothers are loosing their kids regardless if they have past histories of drugs or not. They are easy prey for these courts. Many mothers loose their kids by fraudulent info from case workers who have a vested interest in keeping your child in foster care .....they lie to the foster parents too. There are some decent foster parents but many are not kids are getting sexually abused and beaten worse in foster care. This is not the savior judges think these kids are being sent to. Foster parents actually don't make much after the county takes their cut they get the least actually.

I am a volunteer for cchr also which is citizens commission on human rights exposing the fraud of the mental health industry wanting to put dangerous drugs some not approved in these kids systems. The drug companies make billions off adhd meds for a condition they have no proof nor any tests to prove that it in fact is a desease. Psychiatry is fraud not one cure have they found!!!

They tried to put my baby on psychotropic drugs I fought tooth and nail for her to not be on them she is too little only 2 yrs old. Thankfully the newest fosters agreed she didn't need those drugs they were trying to give my baby.
It seems a key here is when you mentioned your past. There must be something there that was used by cps and others to claim you still aren't fit.

Could you please ELABORATE as to what cps and others argued against you? Nobody thinks they took your child away because of some dismissed case of bad tags, and the fact you couldn't find someone to take care of her while you were in booking. . .
All my family and friends were either at work or other wise unable at 8am to come get my baby. Her dad had been in the hospital for 6 months with cognitive issues, muscle weakness, inability to stand or walk and brain damage due to being an undiagnosed diabetic and not handling insulin properly we had thought to make an appointment and find out but it was too late he suffered a major brain hemorrage that woke him up on his day off work at 6:15 am.

I have been coopertive with the 7 caseworkers asigned to my case, they smile at me then introduce reports that are filled with small mistakes and stupid comments. They could only use my history against me I have tested clean 79 x for them. I did the drug program even though its really out of my life, I even participated quite a bunch and made the best of this whole unfair services they forced upon me.

I never was late even to class or visitation.....they never increased my visits even when they knew I was a good mom who obviously loves her child. I'd do anything for my daughter she is my best friend and to not have her is killing me inside. I know quite a few moms being railroaded by cps there are like 8 people in the court room a lawyer you meet 3 min before your case is called after you spend 3 - 4 hrs just sitting there having no clue what will happen to your life.

welfare institutions code 300 neglect failure to provide food, shelter, medical care if needed, and responsible care taker. because I got arrested she would have starved to death with no one feeding her and changing her diaper when needed...........

if I had known the cop was going to knock on my door and harrass me surely I would have planned better arrangements.

I have done no crime against my child my rights as her protector and guardian have been violated severely unfairly. There is no punishment greater then the loss of your child, even more so when you did nothing to deserve this treatment.

people we are loosing our rights every day they are creating and passing new laws new orders new rules practically everything you can think of has a code asigned to it.

If any of you ever faced the challenge of dealing with cps on a false accusation of child abuse or better yet false sexual abuse would not understand how the system got to be the way it is now. Sexual abuse is very very hard to get off without going through the ringer and a battery of expensive tests.......look at the case of alicia wade! These case workers do as they damn please and they don't care about the kids any more then a paycheck. Cps intrudes into peoples lives with no intent of giving you real ask for a food voucher or even warm clothing or housing help and they laugh at you. They only provide services to those in court not just anyone, and classes are a good idea ......but please for the love of god at least have an actual parent teach the class not someone who has dogs and can relate! I'm sorry my kid uses the potty seat not a newspaper there is a bit of a difference between the two.

well thanx everyone I'm still at square one with no further advice or even a suggestion for me what is the forum for perhaps I misunderstood the reason this is here.
You should post this in Civil Law/torts. What you are asking for isn't exactly Criminal law. You are looking to sue for money, which is torts.
I think I'll go some where else with this thanx for letting me know which section to choose I thought arrests and seizures because it was a false arrest and my child was seized. My case is a difficult one and there really is no real easy answer as to what I can do about this.

I'll never stop fighting for my little girl and what they did to her, how she was tortured and restrained in that car seat for a year I had to watch knowing something was wrong at that foster home, the lady finally admitted it to the case worker after I showed them pictures of my child when I had her up in the mountains in santa cruz where its at least 15-20 degrees colder up here then the city. They were trying to claim her cheeks arms and shins were red from the cold. I have documents where other workers were also concerned about how red she was all the time except when I had her.
To do what they did to her was worse then anything they could have done to me she didn't need to be treated like that. Thanx any way take care and love your family you never know when they can be snatched from you.
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