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Hello Yes I truly need help and I know everyone always says that but I figured I would see if I could be helped first OK were do I begin well first off I guess I would start off with my case I was placed on probation for a period of 10 years in my local state of Texas for assault w a deadly weapon but hear me out before you past judgement a few years ago 2013 my house was broken into yes the guy broke in my house and cleaned me out now please stay with me because my cause takes a lot of turns I sometimes lose sleep at night from thinking I got fucked around and yes this is Texas that common but yes the guy broke into my house and cleaned me out now mind you that I currently live in small town Texas were everyone know yours name yes one of those towns but the guy ends up selling some of the stuff he stole out my house to a guy I knew at a time we just gone say a friend of a friend but yes he calls a friend of mind an tells me that the guy who broke in my house just sold him a few of my stolen items which is how I found out who the guy was and come to find out he got a few family members in my local law enforcement and one person happens to be a lieutenant for the local jail and he called him the night that he broke in my house and tried to sell him my TV and this came directly out his mouth to me the lieutenant's mouth to me to even confirm more that he broke in my house well long story short we end up having a confrontation and the guy shot at me yes he shot at me first even have a witness statement to prove it according to my court appointed lawyer it was one witness claimed he saw the whole incident so after the guy shot at me first so yes I did return fire of course I did to defend myself at that point fight or flight had kicked in and in the end I ended up with the up hand I'm prior army so I do know how to survive a dangerous situation but not to get off subject long story short my local courts ended up charging me with assault w deadly weapon for basically defending myself with a witness statement to confirm the guy shot at me first even though there were supposedly other witness statement to say different but for some odd reason they never showed them to me which is fishy in itself there is way more to the story like some kind of way my military record came into play were I got in trouble for marijuana no excuses but I did 18 months in Iraq I have PTSD I used it to help me sleep at the time I was in the army and I got in trouble for it of course I just had to be honest about that but I was told that local courts and military courts are two different entity's and I'm under the impression that that shouldn't be used against me but seems like it did I just received a probation review and my military case was brought up again and now I keep getting random urine test and now I have a hair follicle test to take its like their picking with me now due to my military record so please I need help bad it there anything and I mean anything to help better my situation anything please and thanks in advance if you can help me or you cant it was worth asking
You can do EXACTLY as your PO directs.
To do otherwise only risks you getting revoked and sent to be caged like a wild beast.

If you wanted that, all you had to do was not take the deal.
You could have demanded to be sent to the TDCJ, caged, forced to live like a hog, slop from their trough, wear their ugly white uniforms, and live in sweltering, heat without air conditioning.

Stay the course, follow their rules, behave as they instruct, fly under the radar, or risk their wrath, especially in rural Texas.