I have a very complicate issue with foreclosure of house in Baltimore

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I owned a rental property in Baltimore, MD. I declared bancruptcy in 2010. My rental property went into
Foreclosure in 2010. I was never notified but apparently Baltimore City dismissed the foreclosure. ther were
Some tax leins on the house and the house was sold in a tax sale. Again I was not notified and Baltimore
City dismissed the tax sale. I just recently found out that the house is being condemned and the city wants me to
Get the house out of that state. They may do it themselves and charge me$30000. Apparently my husband and I
Still own the house. I always picked up certified letters, my husband never did. We are both on the
Loan. Now he is telling me that because He never signed for certified letters that he is not responsible. Is
This right? I don't see how it's all my responsibility because he never picked up his certified mail.
All owners in joint tenancy are EQUALLY liable.
I suggest you each consult with an attorney in your county or state.

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