I bought a Lemon!!

Bought a 1999 Ford f-450 from a private seller in Louisiana for $10,000. Drove less than 2 days and less than 500 miles and motor blew out in Houston Texas. Firestone's estimate to repair $4,125. Called owner and he stated you bought it as is. Any other recourse than small claims court?
What makes you believe that your purchase of the vehicle was anything other than "as-is"?
Called owner and he stated you bought it as is.

What does "called owner" mean? Aren't you the owner? I assume you meant that you called the person who sold it to you. Right?

Do you agree or disagree that the sale was on an "as is" basis?

If you disagree, what are the terms of the warranty you received?

What measures, if any, did you take to ascertain the vehicle's condition before you bought it?

Did the seller make any factual representations* to you on which you relied when you bought the car and which you now believe to have been false? If so, what are those representations and why do you believe them to be false?

* - A factual representation is different from an opinion, such as "it runs great."
How many miles? 200k or 300k, yeah no way you win that one. If it is a diesel then I am sure it is fuel system related and the previous owner dumped it before he had to replace all of that.