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i am the father this we know but the judge still says no!!!!!

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by wolfjessy, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. wolfjessy

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    i am the father i do want to be there the mother and aunt say yes what do I do?

    hello im am trying to find out the laws of new york i was resantly with a gurl who i am still trying to be with and she still wants me too. my problem now is that she ended up pregnant then her aunt had to go to court for custady because her grand parents didnt want her after that. i am 17 and she is 14 in wich i know it is and was wrong for gitting her pregnant but i didnt turn my back when she said she was i tryed to be there through the custady hearing and all but the judge still kicked me out of his court room for no reason and also said i cant be around this gurl now and i dont under stand why they would do that when there were no charges filed aganst me plus im trying to be there for her and the baby. i would understand it if i was telling the gurl off and saying the child wasnt mine and i wasnt going to help her and suport her but i am trying all i can being a teenager and all but also im now working 2 jobs going to g.e.d and baby sitting on the side just to prove my self to them but still i am to have no contact with her even though her aunt says yes i still cant till the judge and DSS says so . (so what im asking is there any thing i can do to be able to see her be able to be in the delivery room leagaly? i have permission from her biological mother to see her also . I'm realy trying to find out can you please help me:( :confused: :confused:
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