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I-751; Field Office Appointment for Green Card Extension

Discussion in 'Immigration Issues' started by William1974, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. William1974

    William1974 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I write to clear up a rather Kafka-esque problem with what should be a simple matter of arranging an appointment with our local field office (Minneapolis, MN).

    Background: My wife has had an I-751 petition pending since July 25, 2017. Her receipt for that filing extended her green card status for one year, until September 27, 2018.

    We are advised that her case review will take not less than 21 months from the receipt date.

    We were told that within (as I recall) sixty days before September 27, 2018, we should seek an appointment with our local field office to request a further extension of her green card status while her I-751 remains pending for review and disposition.

    Two weeks ago, I began exploring the field office appointment process on the USCIS web site, to ensure we would not have a problem later if and when we might need to obtain the appointment.

    I noticed two things.

    1. One can only arrange an appointment within a fourteen-day time frame.

    2. I have checked the USCIS web page for available dates to set a field office appointment in Minneapolis on multiple, different days. Each and every time, the following message is returned: "Currently there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow."

    Truly, you have got to be kidding.

    My questions are as follows:

    (a) Is there some other way to set up a field office appointment? Today, a rather nasty and dismissive USCIS representative told me that there is not.

    (b) Is there some way to submit a written request for a further green card extension, pending completion of the I-751 review, without the field office appointment? At the very least, I want a written record that we made the request before September 27, 2018.

    (c) Is there some other way to deal with this that is not evident to me?

    I understand, these questions are premature. I want a firm handle on this now, because if the above problem exists today, I doubt it will no longer be a problem six months hence.

    Short of a solid way to deal with this, my next contact will be with the office of our U.S. Senator for help. What good is an opportunity to be heard if one cannot arrange a date and time to be heard?

    Thanks for your kind attention.

  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    I suggest you hire an immigration attorney to assist your spouse with her immigration issues.

    Regardless of how you might feel about the immigration authorities, to obtain what your wife desires, it might be in her and your best interests to do as instructed and play nice.

    When someone has what you want, they make the rules which you must obey.

    Strangers on the internet might be buffoons, clowns, geniuses, or trolls; insofar as important matters are concerned, which is why your spouse could benefit with an immigration attorney by her side advocating for her best interests making sure everyone plays by the rules.

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