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I just can't stand to be any side of religion because no pope really might be healthy enough to judge.

If true 1 man would wash all ""deeds of human kind.. about how many that means if prison for life? not death. if would live enough how much time would make up to at least pay by law of God as all sins are errors. Probably several milleniums. If 3 days for enough good man this was possible as Son of God. It would seem like Jesus would give a drop for how much would need all to be washed.

This is for God's Greatness.
By my farest Romania city from US. I never thought could make link God MJ because when talking it might seem like the priest would say Michael is sinful.Apart from i dont know really noone around anytime too good. That priest tries to see hightness Everest from Mariane hole as deepest low from Ocean. Priests like them to me are in the hole if comparing to Everest being Jesus.
But Jesus was Son of God. Michael not.
But if i"d turn positive reward law cant make but lets say Michael would have lived more. The much money gatherd by his songs if turned to the effort of many to get to buy a tape or to a show. Cos from Us no one understand dollar for post communist countries where in cc would be like killed if 1 USD in pocket. There were sone thinking it might be a free day. 1 USD for them was like holy. Thus i d hope to become if my intention proove right my view.

So if all hightnes in Sua for where Michael should stay to be for from human and alll tortures so on to be rewarded recognised for we all whitnesed but just too blind to make difference from mass media and a kid who very gifted as from only Holy Spirit must have been. If at least there should be a kid with heart warm it rare. But to me the mountain to not make Michael just lift higt of his worth as he really woukd deserve as from Sua..from Liberty Statue I d rather die then be there. To me you make Michael that other ways shoul be like Jesus seem pedofile just cos Law is Law and not serving any faith good enough. If you as Law at least would have dignity enough you would have enough to measure how many years of life should Michael life for real if possible? To me is like rather infinite than half century. Still there would be a mountain at least height as Everest but from the peak of Usa. nit from 0 level. Cos to me Michael was on mountain of USA where no one will ever reacch. And apart sufferings all life that arent ment to pay noone s sins and money to Charity. To me from how much hurts. Us such suffering non comparable to Jesus for 1 week .. I dont know what humankund wants to do. Nasa is sending money in space but this planet has outrageous plots of earth not at least with trees. If arable all at least would mean less hunger.To me Nasa us waste of money as fir earth very bad already.
As i know from school when sth alien rock is coming earth brings sth that much later adapts here. We not too good to at least make enough clean this planet. NASA is wasting money destroying universe if any aliens were to be..

But I hope God of Heaven makes justice fir that kid was virgin until the end.. To me is you make God seem bitch cos you want just money that either war earth or aliens. I d like having abilty to publish this on sky. But is like all ar so washed up that noone seems like heart warm and wise man enough evidenced from my point of view as better than animals. To me not serving God of Heavens you are employed by Devil. MJ should n relate there like Jackson anyway. I d like to see his father done such ebil plastic surgeries to seem so light. I think if put together now Michael would shine brighter than any other recent being.
Is not enough wise to say neutral from God or Evil. Any less faith than strongest is easily made seem to be right to fulfill a command that you shouldn t if by God s law but not known by civil.. This is that bill if 1 USD could be holy for only Michael would might proove.

Rest in peace with the pain of mj on neutral side..
Shame for America wearing Latin name as Italian was the man there hoping to descover a new world. But you declare Latin dead as it diesnt matter if your grandma might be alive and who knows if in which conditions.

I am rested in his shiness but to me is nightmare americano..
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