HRA Contribution Question


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Hi all! So admittedly, benefits are not my area of expertise. I am hoping one of you could help me out on this HRA question that was posed by one of our clients regarding the HRA set up and contributions for an employee and their spouse. (I am an HR manager for an accounting firm)

The employee and his spouse have health insurance through the marketplace. Employee's spouse gets 85% of the policy reimbursed by her employer. Her employer also contributes $1500 to the HSA annually.

Now the husband's employer would also like to offer a benefit. The client (husband's employer), wants to know if they can contribute $4750 per year to the family's HSA without having any other company insurance plan.

My understanding is that spouses need to have separate HSA's even if they are on the same family plan insurance. Between the two HSA's a total of $6750 can be contributed between the two plans.

As I state, benefits isn't my particular area of HR expertise so I would appreciate any insight as to whether or not I am on the right track with my thoughts on this.