How will this charge show on my record? 36CFR 2.35 b2

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    I was recently camping on the buffalo river and a park ranger found marijuana in my purse. She gave me a ticket with the offense as poss of controlled substance (marijuana). 36CFR 2.35 (b)(2). No court date was given on ticket, just a total collateral due in the amount of 225. I am a recent college graduate and fear that this will hurt my chances of getting a good job or getting into grad school. If I pay the ticket will a possession charge be on my record? Or am I just being fined for an infraction? I was not arrested and not required to go to court. Just curios if I should still get a lawyer.
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    You have been charged with a civil infraction under the federal code and it APPEARS this can be disposed of by paying a civil fine/penalty.

    After reading the statute, I can't conclude that he will NOT end up with a criminal record.

    Therefore, my standard admonishment stands:

    • You are innocent UNTIL proven (or you plead) guilty.
    • You should make no statements or admissions.
    • If YOU can afford to hire a lawyer (or you can assist him, please do so.
    • You should appear as directed, plead not guilty.
    • If YOU can't afford to hire a lawyer, this is where he should ask the court to appoint one for YOU.

    (I don't think that will happen (a court appointed lawyer) in this case.
    If this is considered a code or regulation violation, or less.

    Your instincts are correct, about this charge.
    If illegal drugs are involved, it can later be devastating.

    So, get yourself REAL LEGAL advice.
    Your future could be at stake.

    The following link will take you to the actual text of the regulation that you seem to have been charged violating.

    The penalties provision of title 36 can be found at the following URL:
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