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How can I get my car back. They say owe 4,000 old tickets

Discussion in 'Parking Tickets, Towing, Impound' started by Quinteya flood, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Quinteya flood

    Quinteya flood Law Topic Starter Guest

    My car was impounded by Philadelphia parking authority , they say order to get my car I have to pay 4,000 in old Parking tickets to release my vehicle that still owned by the bank I'm financing from. What can I do legally to get my car back. I'm single mother I can't afford 4,000 dollars
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Unfortunately your options are few.
    You can negotiate a payment plan with the carnappers.
    The carnappers don't want your car.
    They carnapped your wheels to get you to give them cash.
    The governmental carnappers will negotiate the release of your car.
    If you do nothing, the daily fees for caring for your carnapped vehicle will only increase, you'll still owe the lender, and your finances and credit will eventually be destroyed.

    Good luck, go cut yourself a deal, and stop breaking their parking laws for your sanity.
  3. Highwayman

    Highwayman Well-Known Member

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    You should have thought of that before parking illegally - and it would seem you did alot of illegal parking in the past. I would have thought that one or two parking tickets would have taught you a lesson. I guess not.

    You let it go and ignored the problem until the city got you to wake up by taking your car.

    Maybe you can at least make an attempt to pay something or set up a payment plan. Unless you contact the PA and speak to someone you won't know what your options are.

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