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Recently, I rented property in the state of California. The land manager or supposed land manager that rented this property accpeted $1350 downpayment and another $1350 for first months rent. We exchagned numbers and had a rental agreemnt that was legally had to repitable licensed non-bias witnesses. Well, I moved in the neighbors called the cops talk to the police they said I needed to get the plumbing fixed did that well the water was on when we moved in. The city said they turned it off and we needed to back pay a $13 hundred dollar bill and turned the water off. Isn't that illegal. Plus, I'm fighting a criminal case for fraud when I wasn't the one who apart of the whole thing going on and we informed the officer s of all this and who the real criminals were and they never even gave us any alt decision. Just come to court on this day.
You need to hire a lawyer for your criminal case, and from this point forward discuss your criminal case ONLY with yoru lawyer.
If you think you qualify, ask the court to appoint a public defender to represent you.

You need to hire a lawyer to help you sort out the rental property issues.

You need real legal help. Good luck.