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House Guest Won't Leave

Discussion in 'Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by darci530, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. darci530

    darci530 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    We live in King County - Washington State. We agreed to let our granddaughters in-laws stay with us for a couple of weeks, it has now been almost 3 months - they do not pay rent or bills. In the beginning it wasn't bad, they cooked & cleaned. Then their other 2 adult children stopped by for a visit and now none of them will leave. After the other 2 showed up, we found drugs in the house - they have been sleeping in our garage/shed that is attached to our house (no water, toilet etc). We have told them to leave several times, we called the police and they wouldn't do anything, not even when we told them about the drugs.

    Over the 3 months they have left for 2-4 days in a row, but end back at our house. We were told that we cannot lock them out, because their personal property is in the house & shed. We live in a mobile home community & they are not on the lease, the manager of the property is threatening to kick us out, but they still will not leave. Since they leave, then come back are they still considered squatters & do they have any rights once they leave?

    -Can we do anything to get rid of them? Can we put a lock on the shed door?
    -Can we box up their stuff, keep inside the house & when they come back, refuse to let them in the house, but push their boxes outside to them?
    -If we cannot lock them out of the shed or box up their stuff, can we refuse to let them in the house so they do not have access to water, or the toilet? Basically can we make it miserable for them to be out there?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Oh, yes, the GUEST won't leave problem.
    You have spoken to the police, and they have advised there is nothing they can do.
    They're right, of course.

    You have to do it.
    You have to bring an eviction action against them, to get them removed by the sheriff.

    This link will describe how you proceed in King County.


    Whatever you do, don't lock them out.
    Get this, because they could end up suing you!
    Crazy, but its the law.

    This can take anywhere from six to eight weeks before you get a court order and can have them removed.

    Now, if you're seniors and they're abusing you, that could get things sped up some.

    You seem to have non-violent "dopers", so you'll have to take the slower route.

    After you get them out, never let people be house guests.
    Send them to the Hilton, Marriott, or Holiday Inn down (or up) the street.
    This is one reason why we never allow house guests.
    The other is, we enjoy our privacy and space!

    Good luck!!!!
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Follow the proper procedure for eviction, but in the mean time, yes, absolutely make living there as miserable as possible.
    Don't lock them out of their shed or mess with their stuff.
    If you lock them out of the house to prevent access to toilet, etc you may find them forcing entry, and again the police may not help you.
    However, you can stop making food accessible to them.
    You could get in trougle if you turn off the electricity, but you could remove your light bulbs.
    You could stop putting toilet paper in the bathroom.
    You could remove your microwave, dishes, and any other conveniences that they make use of.
    They will get the point.
    If they don't have anything to mooch from you they will find somewhere else to go.

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