Hospital filed claim incorrectly over 2yrs ago!

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My wife had a baby over 2 years ago, before we were married, and we just got a notice in the mail that we had been sent to collections. We received no mail or phone calls about the bill until now.

The entire birth was covered under my wife's medicaid insurance. However, the hospital filed the claim under my step-son who was being born at the time. Since he had no insurance, Medicaid refused to pay it. My wife has called Medicaid, the hospital, AND the collections agency trying to get it resolved and all of them are giving her the run-around.

The hospital says it's too old to fix and we have to pay the bill. The collections agency said to file a dispute, which we did, and it came back saying that they couldn't fix it. Now, Medicaid is saying that the hospital has to fix it.

This is obviously the hospital's fault and they refuse to take responsibility for it! What do we do?!?
You might have to ask some lawyer about the hospital claim. If it's incorrect then you might just file some moves by your lawyer. The hospital might need some about the mistakes.
This appears to be a clerical error.
You say the claim was filed under the baby's name, but should have been filed under your wife's name.

You need to get the state to listen.
Contact Medicaid and start fixing thus.

You are not liable, because you seem to be saying the boy isn't your baby. Make that known to the powers that be.

Mistakes like these take significant time and effort to correct. You'd best get cracking.

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