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Hello, my name is Brett. About 4 years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a home with my girlfriend. The relationship didn't work out, but we continue to co own this home. Neither of us live there and we currently have a renter but we are still having to pay every month to cover the mortgage. I have been under employed for some time and am having trouble making the payments. I can't get it refinanced because I don't have consistent work. She is not able to buy me out. I want to get out of this, or stop making payments, but I may lose my down payment. Is there a govt refinance that would work for me? Can i force her to buy me out?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You're stuck with the loan obligation.
If you don't pay, she'll have to pay.
No, you can't force her to buy you out, neither can she force you to buy her out.
You can default.
Or, you can can file BK and give up the home.
Or, keep struggling.
There might be refi available, but not to someone with low (or no) income.

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Well this is really a crucial stage for you to have in and I think that it would look too much strange for you to suffer it. You are restricted to pay the installments of it unconditionally and or try to negotiate with your ex or bank management. May be they provide you the best deal on it.
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