HIPPA Violation or not? Harassment

This is such a long story.

I am disabled. Poor. Sick. Life is so hard. I smoke cannabis for muscle spasm and nausea, which I get for a myriad of reasons. PLEASE SPARE ME THE LECTURE on how cannabis is an illicit substance. Unless it pertains to my situation (like if my rights are voided because I smoke, etc.) don't talk down to me about smoking.

I had been having POTS related symptoms where my heart would go into tachycardia from too much activity, changing body position, etc.

Went to the ER. Twice within 5 days.

They didn't help me. I finagled my way to see a nurse practitioner (NP) at a cardiologist. BIG MISTAKE.

The doctor (NP) I went to was abusive and harassed me, checked my whole body for needle marks cuz he said I was "killing myself" on my prescribed morphine SR. He said that I was overdosing, even though I knew this was a lie. There's no way because I've been take 15mg morphine on and off for 3years. It's NEVER made me sick (unless I was first starting treatment). It is a drug designed to be "unabuseable" because it cannot be crushed or dissolve. I don't get a "high" from them, and they don't make me sleepy. They're the lowest dose available too.

He harassed me when I told him the only illicit substance I use was cannabis (he strong armed me into telling him, cuz he said I was lying about the cocaine. He asked if I did cocaine and I said "no!!" Lol I DONT DO DRUGS (please save me the lecture on cannabis being an illicit substance PLEASE))

he LITERALLY asked me "how many THCs do you take?" WTF so I was like "THC is only one chemical in the myriad of compound chemicals in a cannabis plant".

But he really REALLY strong armed me into telling him about the weed.

He was like "how many pots do you smoke?" I was like "0.6 grams a day, you don't even know how much that is do you?"

I wanted to report him because he was abusive and I never cussed or yelled or threaten him, but he did a lot of fucked up stuff to me. He was just being a malicious person with no real concern for my heart. (He also kinda "bad touched" me, so I really can't stress how much I don't trust his advice. He leaned his crotch on my hip when he was checking my body for puncture wounds. His penis touched me. It was gross. There was a Woman standing in the room, but she didn't/couldn't see

He REFUSED to listen about POTS and DIAGNOSED ME with a valve prolapse (which turns out, after getting an ultrasound, I don't have. My heart is fine and healthy).

He told me I was "overdosing", because he thought I was lying about misusing my morphine 15mg SR. I am not drug addict! I take my pills EXACTLY AS DIRECTED by my NP at pain clinic. (I have interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor disorder, and anxiety disorder).



He got my ER records (because the clinic and the hospital run under the same place). Apparently they DID urine screen me there. And he used that information to send my PAIN CLINIC a letter!!!!



How can one malicious NP send my ER records to my pain clinic?!

The pain clinic doctor is now trying to tell me that I signed something saying that he could "look at any of [my] records anywhere in the world". What is he talking about? I read ever sentence of what they gave me. Nothing that I signed mentioned anything about him having access to any and all records "in the world".

I've had doctors (like the NP) lie to me before to manipulate me. Is this pain doctor lying about such a legal document that would allow him to have access to my medical records anywhere in the world?

So he oral swabbed me (I was vomiting all week from too much sinus drainage, so I smoked just the day before. So I am about 50%-60% likely to fail). When the THC results come back positive, I will be kicked out, forced to have morphine withdrawals. And i'll be bedridden again without pain medicine.

So questions:

Were my HIPPA rights violated? (He also called my psychology clinic and tried to get them to talk to him too, they declined because of HIPPA).
Is there some special rules for pain clinics that would make me sign something that would give the doctor there access to any clinic in the world?
I can answer this one... Yes he can look. Reason is because you signed a "Pain Management Contract" Every contract I've seen included the right to look at medical records from outside sources. Also that you wouldn't take any meds other then what they gave you. Now.... You will be blacked balled. I have heard of people being pulled off their pain meds for going to the ER because of pain.
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I only made one other thread and I politely said "I accidentally made a duplicate please delete".

I am not spam. I am a person who needs help.
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Pain is very difficult to manage for some people. I won't dismiss your story, I'll simply caution you to be careful in seeing physicians outside of your family physician's practice. Be careful in visiting any emergency room complaining of pain ALONE.


Some prosecutors consider such behaviors physician shopping. Remember Rush Limbaugh? Well, Rush was convicted of a felony in Florida for doing something similar.

I don't know your story, nor do I need to know your story. I'll take your representations as accurate. But, please be careful, because such actions can get you in a legal jam.

What are you talking about physician shopping?!


No where did I say that.

I went to the ER for tachycardia. That is higher than normal heart rate. It was not life threatening.

I was NEVER complaining of pain with that nurse practitioner!

He didn't even ask my symptoms or even listen to me. He just said "you're overdosing your meds" and tried to get me to admit to things like abusing drugs, and I was badgered so much I admitted to the cannabis.

My pain clinic has been providing me with my morphine AND NO OTHER DOCTOR.

So tell me, how am I "doctor shopping"?
AJ didn't say you were doctor shopping. He said your actions could cause someone to think you were doctor shopping. There is a difference.
I'm not trying to be smart but just to have the correct info - it's HIPAA (not HIPPA).
A NP is not a doctor but that is neither here nor there. Clearly you presented as someone who was not limiting themselves to just the recommended dose of the recommended medications and so the NP dug further because its his job! You might not think using pot is a big deal or not care of whatever but medically it is a big deal and it can change a lot about your treatment plan. If you aren't honest and upfront with your medical providers do not expect stellar outcomes. Do not expect to be taken at your word once found in a lie. You lied about the pot, so pressing you to see what else you might be lying about is justified. And yes, if he becomes aware you are using illegal substances, it is his obligation to share that information with your pain management clinic. It is not a violation of HIPAA.

It is also not a violation of any kind for a doctor/NP to lean against you while conducting an exam. If the exam was making you uncomfortable, say something and ask for it to stop. Accusing this NP of inappropriate conduct because you are mad he outed you over your illicit use of drugs is dishonorable at best.