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To make a long story and my wife had a rollover accident.lost her purse, then 2 weeks later the cop brings it bak.then almost a year later she gets arrested on a warrant.aparently they found meth in her purse, and wote a citation on the night we were both in the ER (the citation was never given to us) so we didnt know we had court and thats what that warrent was I bonded her out on 8, 000 $.we been going to court ever since.we just now got to the plea agreement (probation) this week and were at the sentencing hearing.judge tell her to go take a UA (before he made his decision on probation or state jail time.she barely comes up dirty for marijuana.he calls her, tell her hes revoking her bond , take her into custody, on a bond of $25, 000. They took her to county, and the next day she calls me saying they told her that her bond was going to be reinstated. when she goes back to district court in bondsman say to call up there and see how much this new bond is gonna be.they tell me ahe hasent even been to see the magistrate yet so they dont know how much thw bond is question is...if they r reinstating her bond, then wats up with the $25, 000 cash bond the district judge told bout? Cuz if they r reinstating r old bond dosent that mean she will be able to get out of county? I main question is what usually happens next with situations like this? Or what should happen?

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I suggest you hire an attorney and follow his or her advice.

Or, she can wait until she sees a magistrate and request a public defender, if she financially qualifies.

As far as any $25,000 CASH BOND, unless you are missing some important information, it MIGHT have been forfeited.

If it hasn't, and YOU paid it, you should inquire of the court HOW you apply to get it back, unless it was FORFEITED.

Again, you really need lawyers.

This website is not equipped (nor do we endeavor) to provide legal advice, nor investigate complex legal matters.
I dont dosent make any sense.and I found out shes not even going to see the magistrate.its either the 25, 000 $ or wait till court in april for the judge to reinstate her bond

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Everyone that ive talked to says theres sumthing fishy...even the bondsman

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If a defendant's bond is revoked, it has been confiscated by the court.
Again, if the bondsman said revoked, he knows.
So, she needs a lawyer.
She should clam up, you too, and speak only to her lawyer.
I know.but we cant afford a lawyer.only the court appointed one we have had

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I know.but we cant afford a lawyer.only the court appointed one we have had

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That's a licensed lawyer, and he or she is as good as it'll get.

Here's a hint: Your wife had not had any contact with that purse for months.
Whatever is now in that purse, she has no knowledge of, or how it got there.
But, she need not say that. All she has to do is shut up,you too, and wait.
The state has to PROVE she put that JUNK in that purse.
If she says NOTHING, no one can prove how any of that JUNK got in that purse.
So, you clam up, wait, admit to nothing, play dumb like a fox!

It won't fix it today, but if you wait, it'll cause ALL of this nightmare to one day fall apart.

You decided (rather, SHE decided to take a plea, got popped on a dirty UA) and there's no way out!

This is another example of WHY you just shut up, stay outta trouble (avoid using illegal drugs) and things get better. Sorry, she'll get out in a 6, 12,18, maybe24 months.
So, you simply wait patiently and stay clean. I suspect they're watching you now!
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