help with assault with deadly weapon case

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    so i have a total of 10 charges 3 being felony 2. aggravated assault with deadly weapon and 2 attempt aggravated assault with deadly weapon .then simple assault and simple assault phy. these are charges i want droped and other are small summon i dont care about. the allegd crime is said to be 2 attempts of assault with deadly weapon saying i tried to hit some one with my car twice but i got 5 assault charges. no one was ever hit or injured and both the victim and victims mother a witness say i wasnt trying to cause harm they are both on my side the state is persuing charges becasue the neighbor down street said i was TRYING to hit the victim when in fact the victim stood in front of my car and said to the mother he wont hit me he wont hurt me what are the chance of these charges being able to stic i have no priors of anything at all and have been coopertive with everything both victim and one witness the mother are willing to make statement on my behalf if any more info needed about case or incident let me know i need some help

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    First of all, in most jurisdictions if AGGRAVATED ASSAULT is a felony, so too is ATTEMPTED aggravated assault.

    If you're facing two agg assault charges, and two attempted agg assault charges, I count FOUR felonies.

    You might wish to ask your attorney.

    The full definition of Aggravated Assault may be found at 18 PACS 2702. The definition provides a long list of actions under which you may be charged. If the District Attorney is able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed any of the following acts, you may be found guilty of Aggravated Assault:

    You attempted to cause, or did cause, serious bodily injury to another showing extreme indifference to the value of human life;
    You attempted to cause, or did cause, seriously bodily injury to any public officer, employee, agent, agency, or company engaged in public transportation, while in the performance of duty;
    You attempted to cause, or did cause, bodily injury to any other officer, employee, or agent while in the performance of duty;
    You attempted to cause, or did cause, bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon;
    You attempted to cause, or did cause, bodily injury to any school employee, board member, or other agent for the school while that person is on duty, or because of his/her relationship with the school;
    You threatened any public officer, employee, or agent with serious bodily injury while in performance of duty; or
    You used any noxious gas or incapacitating device against a public officer, employee, or agent while acting in the scope of his/her employment.

    You're making a massive mistake by doing what you call "cooperating".

    Another mistake is continuing to persist in getting the matter dropped.

    Four felony counts aren't just dropped.

    You're innocent until proven guilty by the state.

    You're prosecuting your own case by persisting or obsessing in your desire to have the prosecutor drop the charges.

    If the charges are to be dropped, your defense counsel will have to cause that to come to fruition.

    You need to learn to stop yapping.

    Yapping leads to you being convicted.

    Your prior record means nothing, EXCEPT to mitigate your sentence if you were convicted.

    Watch this:

    Now, shut your yapper.
    Hire a lawyer, or at your next court appearance ask the court if you qualify for the appointment of a public defender.

    If you already have a lawyer, ask your lawyer.
    Don't discuss the case, unless you're discussing it with your lawyer.
    Good luck.