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Wthin the past 4 weeks I found out I am HIV+ and I am fighting two forms of cancer.

Since everything exploded on me all at once I never got around to telling my HIV+ status to my family.

I ended up in the hospitial. I informed all the doctors and nurses that my status is not to be talked about. This wasn't the time with me hooked up to Iv's. The nurse made the note in chart and thought that wold take care of it.

On the day of my discharge I had just finished my round of Chemo and I was in the restroom. At that time the doctor entered the room. My Step mom was sitting o the bed but the doctor never asked who she was.

The doctor walked to the restroom door and with the main door to the room open and someone already sittting in my room the doctor in a loud voice said the following:
1) You need to follow up with your Primary Doctor
2) Need to follow up with my Cancer Doctor
3) Then he stated I needed to follow up with my HIV doctor.

He had the door to my room open leading to the hallway so anyone could hear and second he never knew who the person was sitting in my room.

Not sure where to go from here
Where do you WANT to go from here?

If you want to pursue a complaint for a HIPAA violation then you can go HERE.

If you want to wrest money from someone, consult an attorney and see if there is a viable case for embarrassment or discomfort in your state.

If you need help explaining this to your family, seek out a trusted family member, friend or confidant to accompany you when you tell them.

So ... what exactly are you hoping to accomplish from here? I'm gonna guess you are posting because you want to extract a pound of flesh (i.e. $$$) from someone. If so, then the complaint to HHS and consulting an attorney are your first steps.

- Carl
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