Jail Held without legal representation

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My friend has been in Deschutes County Adult Jail for 3 weeks and has yet to be provided time with a lawyer. Isn't this contrary to the 6th Amendment of the Constitution? He has been charged but has not been provided with legal representation.
Why has he been held? Has he been arraigned? When he was arraigned, did he ask for court-appointed counsel, or did he tell the court he was making his own arrangements for legal representation?

It could also be that his attorney has not yet contacted him. The jail can't lasso an attorney and drag him in. Many appointed defense attorneys will wait until near or on a court date to meet with their clients.

You can certainly contact attorneys for your friend.
This makes me think of a JAIL Las Vegas segment I saw the other night. During intake they asked this woman her income. She first replied, whatever I pay myself. The deputy said well how much do you pay yourself per month? The woman said well I just lost $500,000 at the casino. The deputy said that must be how much you pay yourself, I will write that down as your monthly income. The woman said Whatever!!! The deputy said, since you earn above the minimum amount, you are going to remain incarcerated until you make your own bail and you also make enough to hire your own council. Then they stuck her in a cell.
Actually the deputy was polite and calm. It was the woman who had eaten a $650 meal with her boyfriend, then excused herself and left saying she was going to their hotel to get the money to pay for the meal that appeared to the drama queen.
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