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Years ago I purchased a long term disability policy through my work. 2 years ago, I suffered a back injury and had my 4th and hopefully last back surgery and was diagnosed as permanently disabled by my neurosurgeon who has over 30 years experience. After 6 months, I filed a claim on this policy which was eventually approved. During the past 2 years, I have been hassled by the insurance company who demanded updates every few months. Then they claimed they couldn't contact me by phone - yet they could before hand - and would send me letters stating they attempted to contact me by phone but couldn't. I have interent phone and can demonstrate they never even tried as it records every phone call I receive and lists the times they actually did call me. Now after 2 years I had to recertify for my benefits. They can't get me medically because my back is too well documented, and they can't get me for fraud, so all of a sudden they declared that I have a son - which they knew about - who collects SSD benefits (I was awarded SSD benefits with 2 months of applying and was collecting BEFORE I filed the insurance claim) so they say my sons benefits count against me for income. Note - they called me on the phone so I guess their phone "blackout" has ended. I am divorced and my son lives with his mother who claims him for taxes and is his primary guardian. She applied for SSD on his behalf and the money goes into her account. I have never seen a penny of it. Now the insurance company is demanding a copy of his award form to charge against me and they will then demand I was overpaid what will equal a large amount - 2 years worth of benefits. I asked the analyst why they are doing this 2 years later and they lied to me stating they haven't "had my case that long - it was an oversight". I have documents proving they have handled my case for over a year! If they hit me with this large over-payment, I may have to file bankruptcy - for their mistake!! I'm having a terrible time finding an attorney to speak to because they all do insurance work and claim conflict of interest. Help!!
Don't give up seeking the services of an attorney.

There are attorneys and people wise in the way of the law on this forum.

But, we can't take in attorney-client relationships for complex cases.

This is your financial well being that could be disrupted.

Keep looking.

No legitimate on-line legal forum can provide you with advice for a complex problem like yours.

There are attorneys that will take your case.

You have to find them, or you will suffer financial ruin.

Keep looking. This isn't the place for the answers you need.
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Thank you for the response. I have no illusions about trying to solve my problem here. I merely sought guidance as to if I had a leg to stand on or were screwed. The insurance company in question would love nothing better than to not have to pay me till I'm 65. As I stated above, this issue is not of my creation yet I will suffer the circumstances. I am continuing to seek someone for advice and possible representation. Thanks again.
Without reading your policy it's impossible to say whether the insurance company is within their rights or not. However, offsets from SSDI income are the rule rather than the exception.
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