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In 2011 my father had surgery and was no longer able to walk with any degree of security. He was 82 when this happened. He lives in a mobile home park. Owns his home rents the space.

The local contractor came and built an access ramp for him. They drew up plans and had them approved in writing by the onsite manager. The ramp went from his front door to the driveway.

The neighbor complained because she did not like the way it looked...and it was right at the property line (just inside my father's side of the property line). The owner of the park got directly involved and brow-beat my elderly mother and had the ramp torn down and rebuilt to go from the front door 30 feet into the back yard! Totally useless for any real access. My mother was afraid to do or say anything for fear the owner could throw them out. My Dad has struggled with stairs up to the front door. It is the most painful and pitiful thing you ever want to watch!

Since that time, there has been numerous other events happen. Such as...the cans for yard cleanup have always stood in the same place for 26 years (they have lived there that long)...the same neighbor complained and the owner forced my folks to move them....now neither one of my parents can move them to the driveway for pickup...they are in the far back of the back yard. There are so many examples of this sort of thing...each time the neighbor complains another inconvenience is forced on them by the owner.

Now..I have arrived. I am the caregiver for my folks. I do all the things they cannot...drive, clean, cook, yard work, etc. The neighbor complained about my being with my parents...the owner tried to tell me I had to leave within 7 days. I looked up the ADA and sent a copy to the manager...basically saying "I am staying and there isn't anything you can do legally to change that". The owner dropped the demand that I leave. However, the neighbor put up a fence (which is against the rules...written rules). So..I could not open my car door when I parked to leave enough room for my disabled Dad to swing his feet out the passenger side door. I raised a fuss about the fence...and the result was the owner paid to extend the pavement in my Dad's driveway rather than to tell the neighbor to take down the illegal fence! I cannot figure out what blackmail this neighbor must have on the owner.

My father must now get a powered wheel chair, He can no longer standup and walk across a room. The ramp MUST be put back so he can get access in and out of the house. I expect a fight from the owner.

Help me with links to an overpowering argument. I want to shut down any resistance quickly and get this ramp put back where it was...fast...and without costing my parents to build it a second time. Anyone know where I can find references to this situation? Any cases where a landlord did not just deny a tenant an access ramp but actually took one away after it was built?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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This is where you begin yoru education.
With the knowledge you'll discover on these various pages, you can begin to build an argument to assist yoru father.


This link is sponsored by your state's court system, and applies the ADA law to CO.


You might also speak with the county or city officials where dad resides.
Most governments can assist disabled and seniors facing these kinds of issues.

Your state has an agency to assist seniors:


Happy learning.
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