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    i have a couple of felonies before 1977, what do I need to do to own a gun legally .
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    Your IP indicates you're posting from Texas.

    My answer speaks to federal and Texas law.

    According to federal law, convicted felons can't ever own a firearm legally.

    If, however, BOTH of your convictions were fully pardoned; you could potentially own a firearm.

    Some states have expungement or expunction programs and people tell me such legal actions permit gun ownership.

    Texas has an expunction scheme, but doesn't bypass existing federal and Texas state law regarding felons not being legally allowed to purchase and/or possess a firearm.

    If I were you, I'd forget purchasing a firearm.

    There are far more important things in life than a firearm.

    Being a so called free person in the free world, for example.
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    Get in touch with one of the "Back To The Future" guys and go back in time to before you committed said felonies - then do not commit them. Then you'll be all set.
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