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I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?

Any person living with teenagers before to buy a gun the kid needs to have a good behavior letter from the school
Make mandatory to any person living with teenagers and requesting to buy a gun, the to get a good behavior letter from the school certifying the kid is have not behavior issues that could become into a potentially dangerous situation like we had in the past in Colorado and more recently in Connecticut to name a few

This way the schools at least have some way to try to stop those kid to get their hands into easily accessible weapons from their parents
Not a chance.
If you are serious about your idea try your representative in your state legislature. Your a more likely to get a response, but there is zero chance of chance of such a proposition going anywhere.
Can you imagine the liability for a school? Schools would want no part of it!
I see the reason in your intent, but it is the reason that you must be of age to purchase weapons in the first place.
With that type of thinking then you are blaming the teachers for not having those kids locked up for Thier "behavior problems"
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