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My son is on probation well they did a search of the house because cop said he smelt something . My other son had a 22 that he was shooting targets with and left it in the bedroom well my son on probation seen it and freaked out and went to put it up and cop seen him. Now they are charging him for it. I got the gun for the boys yrs ago how do I prove that or help him? I had my sister buy it cause at time I couldn't get it in my name. Please help I'm going crazy he needs my help and I don't know how.
He needs a lawyer to handle this. He had it in his possession, in front of an officer. Here is an excerpt of MO probation laws;
7. WEAPONS: I will not own, possess, purchase, receive, sell, or transport any firearms, ammunition or explosive device, or any dangerous weapon if I am on probation or parole for a felony charge or a misdemeanor involving firearms or explosives, or it is in violation of federal, state or municipal laws or ordinances.
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This will have to get sorted out in court. If testimony is given that supports what you say above then the case might go nowhere. It sounds like a weak and may not even get to court.
What offense was he on probation for?
He had a few xanax in car without prescription

At this point he needs to discuss this with no one but his lawyer. If he's talking to you from jail about any of this, stop. All jail conversations are recorded. Tell him to stop talking about this to anyone but his lawyer. This will take months to be resolved.

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HEY>>>> No one has told this women this... SHUT UP about having your sister buy it.... That is what the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT calls a straw purchase. Both you and your sister WILL be in BIG trouble for alone. In the United States, straw purchases are a felony violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968 for both the straw purchaser and ultimate possessor.
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