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got caught and charged with shoplifting twice but no conviction so far F Visa

Discussion in 'Cultural, Training, Student Visa' started by anoano, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. anoano

    anoano Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Im an International student. I was charged with shoplifting in 2013 once and the case was dismissed by completing diversion program. A few month ago I was charged with shoplifting for the second time, but I left the US before I get the court notice. Now Im applying the visa renewal, and my new case will be continued if I get to the US again. I don't have any convictions so far and I know there is a thing called petty theft exception, but does it qualify my case since I got arrested twice? Is it likely that my application would get denied?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You might want to forget returning for a few years.
    You seem to have a problem taking things that don't belong to you.
    They caught you twice, so I'm guessing that you've succeed at stealing at least 200 (probably more) times.
    Statistics from most studies tell us that shoplifters get caught about 32 out of every 100 attempts.
    Some studies say shoplifters are caught about15 out of every 100 attempts.
    Tat gives a thef an 85% success rate.
    It's never worth the risk, but I'm sure you're no longer reading.
    Maybe a curious youth will stop and think about, and walk away empty handed the next time he or she is tempted.
    They succeed 68% of the time.
    The study I believe, who really knows, is that shoplifters "boosters" are caught fewer than 4% of the times they steal. They succeed more than 96% of the time!
    Revealing, isn't it?

    Whether you ask retailers or the actual shoplifters themselves, it’s clear that this is a crime that is not only widespread, but is also quite lucrative. Even though Colas says only three percent of shoplifters claim to be so-called professionals (that is stealing stuff only to re-sell it), those that do get caught say they have shoplifted an average of 48 other times when they didn’t get caught.

    He says the industry uses slightly less gloomy theft-to-apprehension figures, but even then it’s about a 30-to-1 ratio.


    YMMV, so it's best not to steal.



    Better fix that, bub.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2014
  3. shrinkmaster

    shrinkmaster Well-Known Member

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    As a retail theft consultant issues like yours come up from time to time. If the store filed a Police complaint you DID get a court date regardless if you got letter or not. This means its likely a warrant for your arrest has been issued and in effect. If (BIG IF) you were granted entrance you could be arrested at any time! You need to talk to a Lawyer on how your going to deal with this it snot going to go away

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