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Good citizen needs advice!!

Discussion in 'Other Legal Issues' started by brothermcitizen, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. brothermcitizen

    brothermcitizen Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hey guys
    One of my passions for the last several years has been to help combat things such as child exploitation due to something that happened to someone close to me. With the invention of the internet and smart phones, as many of you know, predators and pedophiles are getting access to innocent children. I work mainly independently on my free time going on internet chat rooms to help get limit the ability of predators to exploit the innocent. However, over the last several weeks I have been delving into the world of chatting apps on the app store and I am shocked at how many there are!

    Over the last few days, I found this anonymous chatting app called XXXXXXXX.

    We don't allow scammers to promote their porn or sexual exploitation apps on this website.

    Virtually you create a profile, adding your gender, age, and what time of chat you want (friendly chat, random chat, dirty chat, etc). The app says that it is only for 17+ members, and this is made pretty blatant as 18 is the minimum age you can put when creating your profile. Once you create a profile it can never be destroyed, but you can change your username anytime you want. The app has encrypted chat rooms, and wipes its servers of all messages, photos, and usernames older than 7 days each week.

    What I found out on the app is that a majority of users are underage teens of both genders along with older individuals. Most of these users are there to have a dirty chat. When I created a profile I created a profile as an 18 year old female. Within 10 minutes I received 50 chat invites and in the chats I explicitly made it evident that I was young anywhere between 14-16. These older men, who ranged between 30-50, sent me some of the most explicit pictures and messages and I was absolutely shocked. They kept demanding me to send them explicit pictures back. What I realized is that this probably occurs hundreds of times per hour on this app. I can't imagine how many real underage teens actually send real nudes to these predators. However, I have never heard of any case or investigation against this app. I talked, after lots of effort, to a staff member of this app and they said that old messages are saved for 7 days only and they don't save the device number or location of any user of the app.

    I am very troubled and confused because it scares me how much wrong stuff goes on in this app daily and how nothing has been done for 4 years since the app came into existence!!! I am sure some child has been severely exploited. I would really appreciate your guy's opinions considering many of you have a wealth of knowledge that I don't have?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Most of us KNOW enough to recognize it when someone is SHINING us on, or promoting an APP that promotes and attempts to popularize child, sexual exploitation.

    If I were you, I'd avoid any APP that focuses on porn or the exploitation of children.

    First and foremost, you can bet our federal and state law enforcement agencies are aware of and monitor those cesspools of filth.

    Secondly, innocent people, (which you purport to be) often get ensnared with the guilty scum who troll those chat toilets.

    Last, but MOST important, we won't allow SLICKSTERS, SHYSTERS, SCAMMERS, and/or TRICKSTERS to promote child porn or child sexual exploitation on this website by naming any disgusting, vile, perverse ALLEGED chat apps.

    If you believe a crime is being committed, report it to the appropriate federal, state, or local law enforcement agency, don't promote it on a public website.

    Don't open another thread on this website to promote or discuss any form of sexual exploitation or child sexual abuse.

    Thread closed.

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