Gift from Assets before Nursing Home


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My aging parent is considering entering a skilled nursing facility. She has enough resources to pay for her care for about 3 years. She wants to provide some cash gifts to some family members while she still has control of her money. While her money is still under her control, and she is not currently in a skilled nursing facility, is she able to do this? Thank you.
If she is contemplating Medicaid (or its equivalent in your state) after 3 years, Medicaid has a 5 year look back, will deny benefits for the amount of time that those "gifts" will cover.

When that happens she'll get booted out of the facility or the family will have to come up with the money to keep her there until benefits kick in.

She would be wise to carefully study the Medicare requirements and potential consequences before giving away any money.

Several resources at:

pennsylvania medicaid at DuckDuckGo