Tourist Visa Friend from the philippines wants to visit

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Okay. My friend is wanting to visit but not wanting to go through her countries consulate. I read that she can come for 21 days without a visa. Is this true. If it is true can she apply for a tourist visa with america once she gets here or what? If she comes and we get married right away can she be deported. What are my opptions in this matter. any answers or suggestions would be appreciated.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your information is wrong. A Philippine citizen needs a Visa to enter the United States, so she has to apply for one in the American consulate in her home country. There is no way legally to enter the country without a visa.
just wondering

How can my info be false. I got it from the u.s. department of state under its foreign entry requirements page. Is it just out of date or am I not understanding what I'm reading. Just don't want to mess something up and cause my friend greif. Thanks for your imput and I was just hoping you might be wrong I guess.
Maybe you know something about passport and visa

I've noticed a lot of services offering help in obtaining visas will they really be able to help or is it just a scam. I mean my friend would still have to do some leg work right. Just curious trying to find the easiest way or fastest way to get her to america
Beware of those services. It is very easy to apply for a visa, there is no need to waste money on it.

What is the intention of the person seeking a visa? If she wants to visit as a tourist, she needs to fill out a tourist visa (B-2) application which consists only of one page and then get an appointment at the American consulate for an interview. She will have to show good reasons to travel and, more important, enough funds and firm ties binding her to her home land, so that it will appear reasonable that she will leave the States again.

If there are issues, why the person would be denied a visa, she would have to consult with an immigration attorney. These "services" cannot do anything. Most of them charge a lot of money just to fill out the easy application form.

Of course, if you are seriously contemplating to marry her, and you are an American citizen, she should contemplate applying for a fiancee visa. There is some more paperwork involved in this.
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