Former CT Senator(D) Joe Lieberman to Newsmax: Joe Biden Is Helping Reelect Trump

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Former Sen. Joe Lieberman, a long-time Connecticut Democrat who switched to Independent, told Newsmax on Friday that No Labels, the centrist political organization he chairs, isn't going to be the reason former President Donald Trump wins a second term in November — President Joe Biden is.

Lieberman told "Wake Up America" that his organization has gotten some indirect flak from Democrats who seem to fear the impact a third-party ticket could have on the 2024 presidential race.

"There's a whole group of Democratic interest groups that have been really attacking No Labels much more than we thought," Lieberman said. "I guess they feel we threaten them. They think we're going to help reelect Donald Trump, but right now, if you look at the polls, respectfully, it's Joe Biden that's going to help reelect Donald Trump."

As in other recent prior appearances on Newsmax, Lieberman remained mum on the names of potential No Labels candidates and said there were a couple of reasons for not revealing them prior to officially announcing the ticket.

"One is we're trying to give them a little privacy to think about it before they decide to really jump into it," he said of the candidate selection process.

"It's a big decision for somebody to step out into the arena because it's a nasty, divisive, personal attack arena," he said. "To say I want to change the direction of our country. I want to stop the partisan extremist combat. I want to bring it back to where most of the American people are."

The former Connecticut senator explained that after No Labels settles on the candidates for its ticket, the process will function like a "regular campaign."

"We're a nonprofit organization," Lieberman said. "We have a legal right to petition to get on the ballots in the states, which we're doing. We can't run a campaign, so what we can do as the last chapter of our involvement — No Labels — we're going to give our alliance over to a bipartisan unity ticket."

"That ticket will file under all the federal election laws, including campaign laws, so everybody will know not only who they are, obviously, but who's giving them money, how they're spending it, et cetera, et cetera," he continued. "It'll be a regular campaign from that point on and nothing like America has seen in a long time — a bipartisan unity ticket. Honestly, it's the partisanship and extremism and nastiness that's killing us and we think we're going to offer an alternative."