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Forged Deed Transfer – Lien Paid – Original Owner Still Responsible for Lien

Discussion in 'Adverse Possession' started by HomeownerInPA, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. HomeownerInPA

    HomeownerInPA Law Topic Starter New Member

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    1) Deed falsely transferred from owner.
    2) New holder of deed satisfies lien.
    3) Deed restored to original owner.
    Question: Can/does the lien renew to the original owner?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Was the transfer an intent to fraudulently deceive, or a mere mistake?

    Is the current owner named on the deed, named legitimately?

    Are you asking if title vests in the current person named on the deed?

    Or, is your query in regard to some other named person?

    How did the current person named as owner come to reach such standing?

    To restate your query, is your question about real estate that was encumbered with a lien?

    The original owner lost the property via sheriff sale, and a new owner bought the property.

    The lien holder was paid, the lien removed, and now the original owner somehow thinks he or she can reclaim the property.

    Are you asking about the RIGHT of REDEMPTION?

    In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, within nine months of the acknowledgement of the deed, the owner of record can go to court and get permission to recover the property by paying all back taxes and the money paid by the winning bidder.

    This is known as the RIGHT of REDEMPTION.

    Maybe this article from the Philadelphia County Sheriff will help:

    Everything You Need to Know About Sheriff's Sales
  3. troxel77

    troxel77 New Member

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