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Yes I need advise about what to do on a home that I owner financed and the person buying filed bankruptcy chapter 13. For the second time I might add. Well the bankruptcy just dropped her because she was not doing what she was suppose to. She is way behind on her payments but she now has renters in the house to pay her note. She has neglected to pay the insurance on the house so there is none on it at the time. I have had nothing but problems with this woman from day 1 when she started in sept of 2004. I want to foreclose but I need help and advice and I can't even find a lawyer to take the case. I had one that I already had 5000 dollars invested in and he just decides to drop me because I want him to do his job.
You can file a complaint with the state bar. But, that resolution will take months.

I suggest you seek another lawyer and instruct him to evict her. If she's buying on a land contract, she's simply renting, not buying.

If you have actually created a mortgage, you'll have to foreclose. I suggest you seek the counsel of a competent lawyer. Take ALL of the documentation regarding what you call a mortgage. The lawyer should be able to instruct you accordingly.

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I will suggest you to register a case against it . I wish that it would be really helpful to get the right deals and it provides you the good decision for you ..
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