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"foreclosure-Vacating the home"

Discussion in 'Foreclosure, Repossession, Auctions, Short Sales' started by orange4059, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. orange4059

    orange4059 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I live in NJ. I moved in with my ill father for 4 years. He died in 2013. Has a reverse mortgage on the home and it went into foreclosure. House wasn't sold at auction went back to lender. Three months later it was sold to an Investor. I continued living in home and was not notified of sale. Came home one day about a month ago. Door was padlocked. I went into the home thru an unlocked patio door. No belongings were touched except my dog was missing. Called the mortgage lender and told them my dog was stolen by the lock people. Four days later dog appeared in living room.

    First, I was told because I resided in the home with father that no matter what the new owner must get a court order to force me to leave the premesis. No one can just tell you to take your things and get out. For some reason they don't want to seem to get a court order to remove me. They just show up every week when I am out and change more locks. There is no note posted on the door not to enter the property.

    1. Do they have to legally evict me.

    2. Can I stay in the home and tell them to get a sheriff order to remove me.

    3. They have not touched any belongings: but it seems they are simply trying to lock me out for good. Again, even though the investor owns the home now: there is a process they must go thru to properly remove me" why haven't they done it? I was also told had I been home when the locksmith came that they wouldn't have changed the locks? I am confused/ Any help appreciated?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You are your own worst enemy.
    You know the law.
    It seems you can't recognize what they're doing.
    You are serially being illegally evicted each time they change the locks on your home.
    Yes, they have to evict you to get you out.

    I could explain so much more, but stop wasting time.
    I suggest you see a local attorney ASAP, by Monday at the latest.
    Explain your situation to the lawyer, ask him or her to enlighten you about property laws in PA, and ILLEGAL evictions.

    Your rights are being seriously, and serially abused.

    Hire a NJ licensed attorney ASAP.

    You had overstayed your protected time, but the new owner has blown his position by illegally evicting you, trespassing, and even stealing your property (the dog).

    I don't think you can prove theft, but you certainly can accuse.

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