FMLA/STD+ Vacation

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Hi everyone, looking to change our FMLA and STD policy and wondering what everyone else is doing. When someone is out on either one of these leaves and if you calculate vacation time based on hours worked in any given year do you count their time out towards vacation hours earned or just not count them? I know with FMLA you can't count their time out when awarding something for perfect attendance. I'm located in Jersey if that makes a difference. Thanks!
We count any paid leave towards vacation accruals. This includes all STD (since we're self insured) and most FMLA as well as some non-medical leaves. It does not include LTD since that is fully insured and we are not paying for the leave, or some other forms of non-medical leave. It is my understanding that since we are treating paid FMLA the same as other paid leaves and non-paid FMLA (of which we have very little) the same as other non-paid leaves we are good. (We don't offer any "perfect attendance" awards.) Hope that helps! :)
We have a similar policy. As long as the person is on FMLA or getting a paycheck from us, they continue to earn leave. Once they go on unpaid leave, they stop accruing.
The employer I worked for did the same as Elle's employer.
Thanks for your input. The policy in place now doesn't factor in any time out whether paid or unpaid as accrul time for vacation. I'm looking to change this because #1 to make it more employee friendly and #2 would be eaiser to administer. Hoping to come up with something the owner would like.
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