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I pay all my premiums for Health Insurance at my job. I was told to contact HR in regards to making payments to keep my Insurance up and running during FMLA. Under advice from my Psychiatrist, I am to stay home and de-stress and not return to my work place until my next appt with the Psychiatrist.
I have called numerous times to my local HR, to my Corporate HR and to the benefits number I was given to make arrangements for paying my Insurance. I have also sent 2 certified letters to my local HR office and Corporate HR office. Still no response or call to inform me how to pay Insurance.
I have also called my Insurance company to see if they could intervene on my behalf, but they can only refer me back to my HR Dept.
What do I do now? I don't wish to default on my insurance, but I have no communication with HR.
Thanks for responding CBG. We have an off shore payroll department where my insurance gets pulled from out of my paycheck twice a month.
I was told by my HR that they would give me the information on how to pay the insurance and would contact me. That was 3 weeks ago. Based on my understanding from what I was told we don't pay HR directly.
If HR does not respond to my calls or letters and I default on my insurance they can deny my FMLA, correct? If that is the case can they can fire me for missing work not under FMLA, when I have proof of trying to make payments?
It seems they are intentionally antagonizing me by not returning calls or communicating in any way. Any other advise I may go about, since I have already sent return reciept requested letters?
Send the payment to your employer. On the check itself, indicate "Insurance premium for the month of___".
Also send another letter with it, enclosed please find my insurance premium payment for the month of___.
If possible, go to the bank and get a cashier's check or money order so you will have a duplicate copy, or make
a copy of the check you mail.

Paying or not paying your insurance premiums does NOT affect your FMLA leave in any way.

Have you tried calling your supervisor and telling them what is going on? Maybe he or she can intervene with HR and find
out what is going on.
Another alternative might be to try the accounting department. See if you can speak to someone higher up, at least a manager. Tell them that you are trying to make arrangements to pay, but you don't seem to be getting anywhere with HR. Hopefully, the people taking care of the money will care if HR doesn't.

Agree that paying or not paying does not affect your rights under FMLA.
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