Flight Attendant hurt on aircraft


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On a particular flight the a/c dropped some 4000 ft. I flew up and hit the ceiling then slammed down on the ground. I hurt a finger and toes because they landed bent under. The worst was my left knee. This was back in October 2023. I was put on Workman's Comp making a fraction of my salary and fell back on everything including my HOA and assessment fees, my bills and all else. I attempted numerous times to acquire a loan or a line of credit in order to fall back on track but was unable since being on Workman's Comp I did not, do not have proof of income income. In the meantime I was served with a forclosure and as a consequence I am about to lose my home which is paid for so the only solution available to me is to sell my unit. The way the market is now I had to list it at a loss of $40,000 based on the nearby units for sale. I've already had to knock down another $10,000 and still not one offer. I need to sell it at a price where I can cover my HOA debt, realtor and lawyer fees and still have sufficient left to purchase something else. From the look of things it seems I will have to sell at an even greater loss and be able to purchase anything and foresee myself homeless.
Am I able to make my employer liable for all my losses and suffering including knee surgery and the need of surgery on my other leg but I refused to do so since the surgery and physical therapy process took months and had I decided to get surgery on my other knee that would require more months without working making my existing predicament even worse than it is right now.
Sorry, your only recourse from your employer is Workers Comp.

Planes suddenly lose altitude due to unexpected, unseen Clear Air Turbulence. There's no warning and it's nobody's fault.

Your plight is unfortunate. Perhaps start a Go Fund Me project and involve your co-workers. You certainly have good reason to do it.