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Our management has decided it's time to update the "no weapons" sign on our doors to comply with the TX 30.06 law (no kidding that's the regulation #) As TX HR people know, this state law requires very specific verbiage or it's not valid for state concealed carry permit holders. I can find loads of "no weapons" signs online, but very few with this state-specific wording. Anyone know of a vendor that sells a reasonably priced sign or decal that meets state specs?
Thanks Betty, that is indeed the correct posting for TX, but $64 is a bit steep when I need about 25 of them. The same company has a decal as well, but they still want $45 each for them. Have not checked with McMasters, but our regualr printers still want a good bit to custom print a sign unless it's cardboard, which isn't a good choice for a permanent sign.
Thanks for researching this
25 wow! That would be a little steep.
You would be better off buying a laminating machine, typing up the notice yourself and laminating the copies. You can then use the machine for other things. You can buy one for under $200
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