False Dragracing Misdemeanor.

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A few weeks ago, my friend got a new car. I followed him in mine, and we were driving around at 11:00 at night. We stopped on the side of a road to transfer people (small country road, with NOBODY on it) because he had to pick up several other people from a party, later that night. We apparently looked suspicious, because as we had just started driving again, a cop pulls us over, and tells us that there were reports of drag racers on this road. He gives us both misdemeanors for drag racing.

The main points are,

The policeman has no evidence that we were doing anything.
My friends car is extremely street-racing-esque (Modded civic si).
I don't want this on my record, as I already have an out of state speeding ticket (38 in a 25), and a illegal u-turn ticket that "magically dissapeared" - the policeman never turned it in to the court.

I've gotten a lawyer, but he hasn't really answered my questions, and he is out of country until the day before my court date. (May 20) I'd just like some peace of mind as to what is going to happen. Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: I forgot to say, i'm 17 years old, and there was 1 person in my car at the time. Also, my u-turn ticket could've been put 'on file' without me knowing, so I might be facing those charges as well (It wasn't actually an 'illegal' u-turn, and th-- long story, nevermind, I have that one covered.)
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If I were you, I would find an attorney that can answer your questions. If the officer has no proof that it was you, fight it.
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