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I was involved in a long series of legal dealings with an ex-girlfriend that ultimately culminated in her falsely accusing me of operating a meth lab in a university. However, I am at fault for possessing a drug that was in a desk at my workspace adjacent that lab, which was used as PC to further proceed in a quarter-million dollar investigation. During that investigation the girl continually leveraged her position as the apparant only witness in that case and her ability to accuse me of anything she wanted, to extort me to do things I did not want, including making a promise to marry her which is evidenced by a tattoo on my ring finger. Since the case I have sustained a great deal of trauma from her coercion, and other fallout resulting from the specific manufacturing false allegation.

My question is, as a defendent in a case where I am not free from fault, but was coerced on the basis of testimony to a crime I did not commit nor was convicted of, do I stand any chance for recourse? Does an extortion charge stand any chance in this sort of case? And if so, how easily could extortion allegations get flipped on me as witness tampering? I have a great deal of evidence to show that I did not initiate these agreements, nor did I want anything to do with them, and only engaged out of fear that she would provide false testimony.
This woman asked you to propose an you did? She asked you to get a tattoo on your finger so you did? that isn't extortion, that is lack of a spine. I have no idea why you went along with her demands or admitted to things you hadn't done. It makes no sense that you would admit to crimes you hadn't committed to avoid her participating in the investigation of crimes you did commit. Why you didn't tell the investigators of her threats I do not know but I highly recommend staying away from this nut job, getting yourself into counseling and hiring a good lawyer to try and undo some of the damage you did to yourself.
Let me clarify some confusion there. I didn't admit to crime I did not commit, that was poorly phrased on my part. I did concede to her demands out of misunderstanding of the legal system and a thought that she could actually get away with testifying to whatever she wanted to land in prison for however long she wanted. This was a case where I knew there would be no factual evidence because I had not committed the crime, and my entire fate would be determined by what she had to testify in court. There was a precedent to support that this woman would follow through with her threats, so yes I was quite terrified. And I didn't tell investigators because I didn't know how they would interpret what was happening, and was told not to speak LE at the time of the investigation by my lawyer.

And finally, I wasn't trying to suppress her testimony, merely trying to not make up lies against me.
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Well, I suspect you've learned your lesson. If you have, let it go. Don't waste time trying to get even, because you'll end up getting got, AGAIN.

Stay away from this female abuser of spineless males. Concentrate and focus solely on extricating yourself from the current swamp in which you've become mired!!!!!
Thank you sir, that's the general opinion I'm gleaning. Just didn't know if these sorts of scenarios fell into legitimate legal jurisdiction or not.

What can be done to prevent these sorts of situations from happening again to other people, not even necessarily involved between domestic partners? Aside from everyone growing spines tolerant to false testimony?
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It sounds like you suffered no ill effects of her lies and or that she didn't actually lie as you promised to marry her. Obviously you are free to break off the engagement, but there is no legal remedy for coercing someone into proposing. In the future, be mindful of the company you keep.
Thanks ElleMD, I've learned that what hasn't resulted in damages can't be remedied in the legal system. I can tell you I have suffered some pretty severe and lasting psychological effects from going through the pressures she was engaging me in, but as I've learned elsewhere those don't count for anything, even if its a mental break resulting in lasting mental illness. Moreso I was curious if there was legal remedy for coercion at all, especially within the context of a criminal case and influencing testimony. And as you say, I had many red flags to leave this girl before this happened. Call it ignorance, or lack of life experience, but I never saw her behavior spinning out into something this huge and devastating. Now I know to stay a mile away the instant I see cut mark, signs of anorexia, suicide ideation or any other neurosis.
Sorry, but there is no legal remedy based on the "trauma" of your girlfriend pressuring you to marry her. You always had and still have a choice. You chose to go through with the engagement. you might have felt it was your best option at the time, but it was still an option and within your control.