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In April 2009 I got charged with petty theft and I got a fine and community service. After I payed the fine and finished community service the clerk said my case was now closed. I thought that meant sealed or expunged but I am applying for medical school and it showed on my background check that it wasnt expunged. So what does a case being closed mean? And how would I get my case expunged or erased? I want to apply for med school again in Dec. can it be expunged or erased by then or will it take longer? I just dont know who to talk to about getting it expunged or sealed or how long it takes.
I suggest you Google the terms that appear to confuse you.

As far as expunction goes, it can often be a lengthy, expensive, and disappointing process. I doubt that you could get an expunction order in three to four months.

However, you might begin to understand the process by speaking to a couple of local lawyers. The initial consultation is often provided gratis.

If you choose to go, prepare a number of questions to help you understand what lies ahead, if you persist in seeking an expunction.
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