Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks expungement question

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I had a hearing in front of a judge .i pleaded guilty to fraud 1 and fraud 2 a total of 1-11.on grounds all probation,restitution was paid, and all lawyer fees was paid it was a first time offender deal. It was post to be sealed. Everything required was complete except paying the lawyer $300 balance. The lawyer no longer practices law. He had his license revoked. And my case was closed in 2004. What can i do since indiana past a new law last year for fist time offenders . They could apply for background to be expunged based on the crime did not conflict harm and restitution was paid. Please tell me where i can begin and how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You haven't done everything that was required to complete your probation satisfactorily.
You admit to owing your lawyer $300.
I suggest you pay the lawyer $300, or obtain a letter from the lawyer waving the $300.
Then you need to see what your probation officer has to say.
In other words, does your PO believe you've successfully completed probation?
Then you might want to Google "expungement or expunction in Indiana".
Then start your research.
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